UC Browser vs. Google Chrome – Which is the Best Browser?

UC Browser vs. Google Chrome – Which is the Best Browser?

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Between Google’s Chrome browser and Alibaba’s UC Browser, only one can come out on top. We’ve compared them to let you know which one you should be using.

How much of your day do you spend online? We’re willing to bet that it’s a fair amount, right? Whether you’re on a PC, mobile, tablet, it’s likely that you’re racking up at least a couple of hours a day of online activity. So, your choice of browser should be given some real consideration.

If you’re going to use the internet so much, then surely you want to make sure that you’re using it in the most secure, private, and convenient way possible, and without wasting time and money loading unnecessary ads.

Google Chrome is currently leading the world’s market in online browsers. It has 60% of all users tied into its web. UC Browser, on the other hand, has around 17% of the world’s internet users. Still a significant number, but notably less than Chrome’s share.

In this post, we’ll look at why Chrome is so popular and whether you should download UC Browser for Android, iOS, Windows, or whatever other platform you’re using.

What is UC Browser?

UC Browser was developed by a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group, one of China’s leading companies which is currently run by Jack Ma – a figure worth searching on YouTube for some thoughtful insights into the 21st century.

The UC Browser app for Android and iOS is one of the most popular browser apps on the market, while the desktop version is also a favorite among most Indian internet users, as well as many Chinese and Western users as well.

The UC Browser app is praised for its quick loading times and customization options, although it was mentioned in the Snowden Leaks as being insecure due to data leaks. The app could potentially be banned in India soon after it was found to be keeping user information in an unethical way.

So, UC Browser has had its fair share of controversies. That being said, it remains the world’s fourth most popular browser after Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Why is Chrome so popular?

Two words: Google integration. Most people use Google as their default search engine, which means that the company has a very clear understanding of what you want. Most people also use Gmail, which gives them even more information. Then you throw in YouTube, Google Maps, Google+ (haha, we know you don’t use that one), and Android, now you’ve got yourself a massive database of information on most people around the world.

All of these features, plus Google Docs, Google Drive, and so on can be integrated into the Chrome browsers, making it extremely personal and convenient. On top of this, Google Chrome is owned by one of the biggest and most powerful tech companies in the world and is being constantly worked on by some of the brightest minds in the industry. It’s up-to-date, it’s smooth, it’s very secure and it gives you decent options for add-ons.

Security and privacy can be adjusted on Chrome, which makes it an ideal choice for those concerned on these fronts. Ultimately, it’s just an all-round good browser that has the money and the will be provide an excellent user experience without compromising your personal information.

Google Chrome vs. UC Browser

So, now that you know a little bit about the two behemoth internet browsers, let’s take a closer look at their features. First of all, we need to go over the important points when comparing browsers.

Speed: No one wants to browse at a snail’s pace. This one is obvious.

Privacy: Most people don’t want their browsing history, credit card details, medical information, name, email, phone number, address, current location, messages and purchase history to be taken from them without permission and sold on to third parties to be used against you via targeted ads… or worse.

Security: It goes without saying that you don’t want your browser to put you at risk of malware infection or a privacy breach.

Add-ons: A browser can be so much more than its vanilla setting with a few add-ons. You can enhance security and privacy, use less data, and so much more.

RAM and disk space: You don’t want your browser to burn your phone out and it’d be better if you didn’t have to uninstall other apps just to make enough space for it.

Personalization: Make your browser your own. Everyone wants to express themselves a little.

Is UC Browser better than Google Chrome?

UC Browser’s best selling point is that it’s much faster than Chrome. It users some neat tricks to load pages really fast, even when you’ve got a poor connection. This makes a huge difference in your browsing experience. The same applies for downloading stuff via the browser. UC Browser’s Fast Downloads feature allows you to download files in multiple sections at the same time.

UC Browser compresses files and pages to ensure that you use less data. If you’re trying to save time and money, then this is the browser for you. In these areas, it actually wipes the floor with Chrome.

One more area where UC Browser has one up on Google Chrome is that it takes up way less disk space and doesn’t use nearly as much RAM. This means that you have more room for other apps on your device and you won’t slow it down by browsing the web.


Unfortunately, the UC Browser app’s developers didn’t put quite as much time into the development of the privacy and security features as they did speed and downloads. There are evident flaws in the security of the browser which are now widely known within the tech community. It’s likely that these are being exploited by hackers. It’s equally likely that the company is trying to patch the holes in their security.

The endgame

UC Browser is a formidable app. The main problem is that it doesn’t appear to be very secure or private. These are major concerns these days and thus this is likely to put many potential users off. That being said, the company is likely trying to rectify this situation in order not to lose their market share.

For now, we’d recommend using Google Chrome, or another browser like Firefox or Brave for your web sessions. Enjoy!

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