Download Pokémon Go apk – Rediscover lost childhood magic

Download Pokémon Go apk – Rediscover lost childhood magic

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Global gaming sensation Pokémon Go took the world by storm, albeit a fleeting one. Regardless, by walking it allowed us to soar in our mind’s eyes.

I wanna be, the very best!…

If these words don’t resonate with you, it’s time to navigate back to whatever rock you crawled out from under. This is no place for newbie wannabes claiming they appreciate Pokémon in its purest form. For if you were not there on that sacred day in 1996 when we could finally raise these precious beasts as our very own, you simply don’t understand the significance of this game.

You see, upon the release of Red and Blue (and Green for my homies in Japan), everything changed. The Gameboy allowed us to harness the magic of Pokémon for the very first time and raise them as our won. Suddenly our pre-pubescent selves had something else to care for beyond our own self interests. Our Tamagotchi’s attempted to teach us nurturing and compassion, but they were just as disposable as a banana peel.

Our beloved Pokémon however, were not.

The very first release version of these games were truly a magical adventure. From beginning to end, we fought together, struggled through gym battles, traversing from obscure town to obscure town in search of more wild mythical creatures to kidnap, domesticate and force into brutal duels.

Game Freak continued to develop Pokémon games over the years, somehow managing to never run out of colours to name them by. But alas, none were truly able to reignite the magic we felt playing the original titles.

Until Pokémon Go.

What’s Pokémon Go and why should I care?

We’re not asking you to care, but simply to pay homage to one of the greatest adventures ever created. Pokémon Go isn’t your average Pokémon game, or any game for that matter. For the first time, rather than exploring the virtual world from the comfort of our sofas, we were exploring a mixed reality through the lens of our phones.

This is how it works.

You’re a trainer, of course, and by walking around with your camera open, you can discover Pokémon hiding and lurking in the real world (kind of). This works using augmented reality technology to mesh with the reality you see through your phone.

You could find a Ratatat at your local park, a Bellsprout in the kitchen or a Snorlax at your local pizza joint. But the one thing that seemed like it would be the games downfall was actually responsible for its success – walking.

We all need an excuse to get outside once in a while, and Pokémon Go was it.

When the game first released was an otherworldly experience. Thousands of people were taking to the streets in search of Pokémon, from the earliest hours of sunlight to the recesses of the night. It was rare to see a millennial NOT walking around with his nose in his phone.

Since the first release in 2016, it may look like it’s crawled into a hole and died, but it is still very much alive and growing, with new Pokémon from later games being added for more variety.

There’s all the good stuff you would expect from a Pokémon game. Catch them wild, evolve them, raise and hatch eggs, battle against gyms.

Download Pokémon Go today

It was a wild first year, and we’ll never forget the magic that was reignited in our hearts. If you missed out on the initial release and are only jumping on the train now, don’t worry. The game is still relevant, and arguably better than ever with all the new updates and funding that’s been poured back into it. And of course, with better cameras, battery and processors on our phones.

Ready to start on the adventure of a lifetime? Hit the link above and download Pokémon Go today. As the great W.B Yeats once said; “The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our sense to grow sharper”.

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