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Catch up with all the latest movies and series, including the famed Originals with Netflix. For a small monthly fee, you can enjoy endless hours of entertainment.

Unless you’ve been living somewhere out in the woods with a black-and-white TV, you’ve probably heard of Netflix. It’s hard not to hear about it these days when everyone and their grandma seems to be using it and many of the most popular TV series are only available on the app.

Netflix began by delivering DVDs to your door – they had a cool policy where you could keep the DVD much longer than Blockbusters (a now bankrupt video store) would allow you to. This made them very popular among a wide demographic as it seemed to just be a far better service where you didn’t need to drive to the video store to return your DVD and you wouldn’t incur any late fees either.

The business model soon sniffed out the rise of the internet and the .com revolution. It wasn’t long before the online streaming service was set up and people began to take note. At first, it was nothing special, you could watch a few cool movies on there and it was pretty cheap but for the most part no one really cared – it was like a fun add on to the DVD delivery service. But then everything changed.

Netflix apk features

Once Netflix apk blew up, it really blew up. Now, they have more than 150 million subscribers – which is more than any other TV streaming service can match.

ORGINALS: The Netflix Originals are series and movies funded or produced by Netflix that are subsequently available to stream on the app. They include Orange is the New Black, The Expanse, Beast of No Nation, and many more award-winning hits.

CONTENT: There are thousands of movies and series to watch on Netflix apk making it the most reliable streaming service out there today.

TAILORED SELECTION: The Netflix app keeps track of what you watch and suggests things that it thinks you’ll like that are similar. This means that you always have relevant content at your fingertips.

CHEAP: A Netflix subscription starts at just $6.99, so you can probably afford it.

To download Netflix apk for Android, simply follow our link to the Google Play Store to get it free. Enjoy.

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