Gudak Cam apk for Android – Film Camera for Android

Gudak Cam apk for Android – Film Camera for Android

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Feeling nostalgic for film? Gudak Cam apk simulates a film camera and makes you wait three days to have your photos developed once you’ve taken 24 photos.

It seems that the more technology progresses, the more people start to hold on to the old ways of doing things. Even if they’re more hassle and they take more time, people still seem to love to be inconvenienced by older forms of technology.

Gudak Cam apk for Android is a stunning example of this. Now we have high-quality cameras on our phones – we have Androids coming out now with three cameras on the back of them so they can produce incredible overlapping shots and mimic the focus of a DSLR. But Gudak Cam takes it back to the old days.

Instead of focusing on how to have more now-now-now or gimmie-gimmie-gimmie, Gudak has decided to return to an era where patience was just a part of everyday life.

What is Gudak Cam?

Gudak apk is a camera app from South Korea that mimics a disposable film camera. Every photo that you take automatically has a film filter applied to it. This means that some of your photos might have light stains or dots on them, as well as orange tints that sort of ‘ruin’ the photo a bit.

But it’s this uncertainty and room for imperfection that people love about Gudak. Not every moment has to be captured in perfect HD quality. Sometimes it’s nice to wonder how something will turn out. It used to be exciting when you took photos, then forgot what photos you took and had to wait until they were developed before you could see them again.

Gudak has this covered too. You get 24 shots to take and then you have to wait an hour for the app to ‘recharge.’ This limits you, but it also means that you’re more considerate with the photos that you take. What’s more, once you’ve taken your 24 photos you’ll have to wait another three days before you can actually have them on your phone. This is to wait for them to be ‘developed’.

To some people, this might sound stupid. Why deliberately inconvenience yourself? But to others, it creates a sense of excitement about waiting for your photos and a feeling of nostalgia when you see them in that film style.

There’s something about a photo that was taken on a film camera. First of all, it seems impossible to look bad in a photo taken on film, and secondly, it just seems to feel more like a memory that a snapshot of a moment in time. Film photos just seem to have so much more life to them. Maybe it’s just because these are the photos we saw as a child, but they just feel so much more precious than the regular HD photos that you get on Android phones and tablets now.

If you want to download Gudak Cam, then follow our link to the Google Play Store to install it for $1. There are some in-app purchases, but you probably don’t need them.

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