Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

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Let’s head out to Los Santos, you haven’t lived until you’ve been there. Los Santos, San Andreas is home to GTA V. Meaning, it’s the center of drugs, sex, gangs, action, and excitement.
This is where dreams come true. Furthermore, a wide variety of peeps from different cultures make a home here. We need to focus on three characters in particular — an ex gangster, a drug addict, and a current gang banger.

These three bad asses stir up trouble wherever they wander off to. Whether they’re stealing cars and jets or instigating a turf war, there’s never a dull moment in LS.
Those the kinds of guys you wanna’ mess with? Yeah? Alright, then go, get the GTA V download prove just how bad you are.
What, you’re using a mobile device? Sorry man, there’s no room for mobile at the moment. But, if you want to experience that same thrill and action, download another GTA game.

Getting into the GTA Series

First, for you beginners lacking brains, let’s get something straight — you should’ve already heard of GTA V and previous titles. But whatever, we can explain this one time for you.
Grand Theft Auto is a series of action-packed adventure games. You know, they all basically play the same. You follow the life of someone who could’ve been more fortunate in their pathetic life. Anyways, you experience their crappy lives’ of mayhem and chaos (GTA 5 has 3 crappy lives to explore).

You have your basic functions: eat, sleep, train at the gym, manage a shop, steal a car. Wait, steal a car, is that correct? Yeah, because that’s just another day in the life of the GTA games.
Steal vehicles and make them your own, beat up on innocent bystanders and jack their wallets for extra cash. Call up a couple of hookers to let the edge off, once in a while. You can even get wasted on booze if you drink too much liquor.

GTA has also been known for having some pretty sick cheats. GTA V cheats can give you exploding punches to blow cops out your face. Cheating can max you cash, make you instantly wanted and spawn jetpacks.
All the tools to make for a bad ass gaming experience.

Los Santos, San Andreas

Anyways, we aren’t here to discuss the Grand Theft Auto series as a whole. Specifically, the bread and butter of action lies in GTA V.
We mentioned San Andreas earlier. Or did you forget already? This is the state where Los Santos is located.
Now that we mention it, we’ve been to San Andreas once before. This is the second time visiting the state. The first time was in GTA San Andreas, isn’t it obvious?

Can you guess what real city Los Santos is based on? Gold stars all-around for those who say Los Angeles, which was the obvious choice.
After taking a couple minutes to explore the city, the resemblance becomes almost uncanny. Los Santos could be considered a carbon copy of LA.
Let’s not get started on the level of crime within the city. LS is a warzone for gangsters, police and hookers, all the same. It’s just up to you to pick a side. Go visit some memorable locations along the way.

Download GTA V

It’s not that hard to find the download to Rockstar Games’s GTA V. The difficulty lies in downloading for mobile devices. As it stands, availability lies on PS4, PS3, PC, XBOX 360 and XBOX ONE.
You can always try GTA San Andreas APK or GTA Vice City APK to tickle your fancy.

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