Download Fortnite Mobile Android Free – Battle Royale

Download Fortnite Mobile Android Free – Battle Royale

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All good things eventually make their way to Android devices, and this redefining battle royale shooter is no exception. Download Fortnite mobile free.

Battle Royale is, by nature, the most brutal of concepts. This game was the subject of an old book called Lord of the Flies, that went on to influence the Japanese movie Battle Royale in 2001.

This was the first true glimpse into just how dark such a setting was, as 42 school children are sent to a deserted island every year to kill each other off and be the last kid standing. This was executed by the government as a means to deter the surge in disrespectful youth that were spiralling out of control.

However, as highly recommended as this bleak film is, credit for the first battle royale game genre goes to PUBGs creator Brendan Green in 2013. It turns out when we’re not actually dropped onto a physical island to fend for ourselves, but rather doing so in a virtual space is a whole lot of fun. The game absolutely blew up and has amassed more than 400 million players.

Until Fortnite came along.

But what makes this brutal game style so enjoyable? And why was Fortnite able to knock the literal creator of the genre off the throne?

Why we love battle royale

Most people have their own reasons for their love of these games, but ultimately, it’s that act of survival combined with strategizing and clean kill streaks that keep bringing people back. Plus, battle royale takes away the high competitiveness you find in other games, leaving you with an experience that’s a lot more casual and fun.

Load it up in the evening and smash out a few quick games and it’s usually enough to satisfy the itch for escapism. No long-winded storylines and adventure plots to follow that literally don’t let you put the controller down until you find a save point.

And did we mention the adrenaline when you found the perfect hiding spot and someone creeps up and smears your brains all over the walls with a damn pistol?

What makes Fortnite so special?

Take one crack at Fortnite and you’ll understand why. PUBG might have created the genre, but Fortnite redefined it.

PUBG for the most part operates under a military style of gameplay, with standard weapons, armour and bases you’d expect from any shooter. But when Fortnite came along with it’s whacky characters and innovative methods in which to kill other players, people couldn’t get enough.

The graphics

For the first time, we saw rich, colourful graphics in a shooter that were as vibrant as they were surreal. The colours in Fortnite really pop from the screen. So well that it nearly feels like you’re in an R Rated Dreamworks production.

This added a whole new level of fun, entertaining and casual gameplay to a genre that needed just a little spicing up.

The weapons

The weapons are far more diverse and whacky in Fortnite. Aside from all your standard pistols, rifles, launchers and what not, you can also beat your opponent to death with a rubber chicken. They’re also colour coded, with Grey being the Common all the way up to Gold being Legendary.

The vehicles

Going way beyond your standard military 4×4, take to the roads in a quad crasher or a shopping trolley. Just another more comical way to get around the massive map. Speaking of maps.

The massive map

Fortnite is set on a lush tropical island that’s so big, every game takes place on it and only it. All manner of cities, wastelands, rainforests and quaint residential areas can be found on it, all containing their own array of loot and hiding spots waiting to be discovered.

Fort building

Did you know Fortnite was originally a sand box game that allowed you to create anything you wanted? It obviously wasn’t as popular until they introduced the battle royale concept, but they did keep creative features that are an integral part of the game. Players can build forts from different materials for offensive and defensive situations to increase their chances of winning. Each material will reach max HP at different speeds, which enemies will have to destroy before they can reach you.

Fortnite game modes

Standard game modes apply for Fortnite as you’d expect to find in battle royale. Go Solo if you fancy yourself a bit of a lone wolf. Team up with a mate in Duos if you’re feeling intimate with your bro. Or go all out in a Squad and obliterate your opponents using teamwork and sheer brute force.

Download Fortnite Mobile for Android

If you haven’t yet played the game, you’re forgiven under the condition that you hit the download link above. Its fast, free and a lot of fun.

Do you have anything better to do? Download Fortnite Mobile for Android now, the game that finally added much needed zest to the battle royale genre.

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